Operating cables: Heavy operating cables, Normal and Light operating cables

Objective of use: Overhead line cables, Underground cables

Installation type: Fixed installation cables, Mobile installation cables

Voltage values: Installation cables ( V < 0.6 kV ), Low voltage cables ( 0.6/1 kV ), Medium voltage cables( 1-36 kV ), High voltage cables ( V > 36 kV )

Insulation type: Thermoplastic insulated cables, Thermoset insulated cables, HFFR insulated cables


Metal Cable Trays – Ladders – Pipes and Cable Support Systems

  • Normal Type Cable Trays and Accessories.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Trays and Accessories.
  • Reinforced Service Cable Trays and Accessories.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Trays and Accessories.
  • Aluminum Cable Trays -Laders and Accessories.
  • Normal Type Cable Ladders and Accessories.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Ladders and Accessories.
  • Wire Mesh Cable Trays (Cable Baskets) and Accessories



  • Single Phase / Three Phase Oil Transformers between 10-25 kVA
  • 25-2500 kVA Three Phase Distribution Transformer (Protective Tank or Hermetic or Box Type)
  • Power Transformers Between 2500-25000 kVA
  • Transformers with on-load and on-load tap-changers / automatic voltage regulators
  • Automatic transformers
  • Step-up / Step-down Power Transformers for Power Plant
  • Electrostatic protected transformers and earthing transformers
  • Cast Resin Type Dry Transformers
  • Furnace Transformers


HV – MV Disconnectors, MV Switch – Disconnectors, Disconnector Fuses, Isolators

H.V Central Breakers M.V Fast Speed ​​Earthing Switches H.V Pantograph Separators M.V Disconnector / Earthing Switch Mechanisms H.V Pantograph Separators M.V Inner Switch Disconnector fuse combinations (Knee Type) Porcelain Coated Surge Arrester H.V Earthing Switches Porcelain Pin Type Insulators H.V Current Restricted Spare Fuses Porcelain Spring Insulators H.V Internal / External Insurance Sockets Porcelain Post…


MV Swichgears, RMUs, Compact Centers

  • Air Insulated Cells
  • Air Insulated Metal Cladding / Metal Enclosed Switchgear
  • SF6 Gas Insulated Compact / Modular Type Ring Main Units
  • Reinforced Concrete Monoblock Centers
  • Metal Indoor Monoblock Centers
  • SF6 Gas Switch Disconnector
  • SF6 Gas AC Circuit Breaker
  • AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • SF6 Gas Separators


LV – MV Cable Connections, Cable Termination Kits Cable Accessories

  • Resin Cable Connections for LV Cables; Straight Type, T Type and Y Types
  • Heat Shrinkable Cable Connections For Cu. / Get. LV Cables
  • LV Cable Repair Kit
  • Resin Cable Terminations for Single or Multi Core LV Cables
  • Heat Shrinkable Cable Terminations for LV Cables
  • Resin Cable Cable Connections for Single Core or Triple Core MV Cables
  • Heat Shrinkable Cable Connections for Single Core or Triple Core MV Cables


Low Voltage Power Distribution Panels

  • Indoor / Outdoor LV Distribution Panels
  • Lighting System (Street Lighting) Distribution Panel
  • Engine Control Centers (MCC) Panels
  • Surface / Recessed Type Metal / Plastic Fuse Boxes
  • Form 4b Drawer Panels
  • Industrial Type Automation Panel
  • Compensation (Power Factor Correction) Panel
  • Explosion-proof special type panel


Busbar Energy Distribution Systems

  • Up to 40A Lighting Busbar Duct Systems
  • MV Busbar Duct Systems and Accessories
  • Low Power Busbar Busbar Systems up to 160A
  • Tolley Busbar Power Distribution Systems up to 210A
  • Medium Power Busbar Trunking Systems up to 800A
  • Cast Resin Busbar Trunking Systems up to 6300A
  • Heavy Duty Busbar Trunking Systems up to 6300A
  • Uni-Rail Busbar Power Distribution Systems up to 1000A